We perform ECMO treatment in adult patients since 2009.

It is crucial to present patients who are candidates for VA or VV ECMO to the ECMO centre as soon as possible and make a decision regarding further course of treatment.

ECMO must be accessible to all Slovene patients, and doctors in regional hospitals play a key role in making that possible. They are the ones who can identify patients that would benefit from this type of treatment and present them to the ECMO centre in time. Identifying patients in time is essential also due to the difficulty of their transport, which is why we appeal to all colleagues to decide for a consultation as soon as possible.

In severe cases, where transporting the patient to the ECMO centre presents a big risk, it is also possible to organise a mobile ECMO team, who can connect the patient to ECMO in a regional hospital and then transports them to the ECMO centre.

Doctors of the Clinical Department of Intensive Internal Medicine of the UMC Ljubljana are available for consultation or case presentation on our phone numbers at all times.

We have prepared a short brochure (link) in order to help with the decision of whether a patient is a suitable candidate for ECMO therapy. It also provides details on how to present the patient as efficiently as possible along with all the information required for our decision.



Clinical Department of Intensive Internal Medicine of the UMCL organises ECMO Symposium, which takes places every year during the ‘Acute Cardiology in Slovenia’ meeting. Symposium aims to inform other medical professionals about ECMO, our work and cooperation with other ECMO units in Slovenia.



ECMO is an extremely demanding method which requires highly qualified professionals. Nnumber of these patients is relatively small, which makes maintaining quality of patient management more difficult. In order to address all of this, Clinical Department of Intensive Internal Medicine of the UMCL organises regular trainings, which are carried out as ECMO workshops for healthcare professionals working in units which perform ECMO.

Workshops take place a few times per year and are intended for nurses as well as doctors from departments which perform ECMO. Basic level workshops are suitable for team members who are new to ECMO and units with smaller numbers of ECMO patients in order to maintain their knowledge and skills. Higher level workshops are designed to maintain knowledge, technical skills and learn how to approach different complications in ECMO patients.

Programmes of past workshops are available here (link).

We can also organise trainings designed specifically to address the needs of individual teams.

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ECMO zloženka
Usmeritve za lažje odločanje o premestitvi v ECMO center.

2019-09-02 10:53:01

ECMO delavnica - osnovni nivo
Teoretična in praktična predstavitev metode zunajtelesne membranske oksigenacije za zdravstveno osebje EIT - začetni nivo.

2019-09-02 10:53:43

ECMO delavnica - višji nivo
Praktično izvajanje postopka kanilacije in priklopa na ECMO, pristop k ECPR, tehnični pristop k reševanju težav z zunajtelesnim obtokom.

2019-09-02 10:54:30

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